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Starbucks City Mug 1992 Nordstrom Blend

SEATTLE, Sept. 8 1992/PRNewswire/ -- Starbucks Coffee (NASDAQ: SBUX) announced today an agreement with Nordstrom
(NASDAQ: NOBE) to become the exclusive coffee supplier for all of its restaurants, catering and lunchrooms at its
72 stores. Prior to this agreement, Nordstrom's coffee was purchased from several vendors. The move was made by
Nordstrom to provide a consistent, quality cup of coffee throughout the company.
The Starbucks coffee to be served at Nordstrom is an exclusive blend, appropriately named Nordstrom Blend,
specially developed using Latin American and Indonesian coffees. Despite its enhanced quality, Nordstrom will
continue to offer its famous 25-cent bottomless cup of coffee throughout the company. "They really came up with
a perfect blend for us," said Joleen Davis-Kosmach, corporate merchandise manager for Nordstrom's Restaurant
Division. "It's truly a science, and nobody does it better than Starbucks."
The coffee was selected after a series of extensive tastings of over a dozen coffees. The "Coffee Committee,
" as Davis-Kosmach coined them, made the selection of Starbucks based on the coffee's taste, as well as the
company's overall proposal for service and support. "We felt that the values that they project for service
and quality reflected those of a solid, like-minded company. That coupling of great service and a terrific cup
of coffee made Starbucks the clear choice."
"We're thrilled with the decision," said Anne Hardy, vice president of Specialty Sales & Marketing for
Starbucks Coffee. "We look forward to bringing the finest, freshest coffee the world has to offer to Nordstrom
Nordstrom operates 62 restaurants including Cafe Nordstrom, Garden Court, City Center Grill, Champagne
Exchange, The Pub and employee lunchrooms, plus 48 Espresso Bars in 10 states. The changeover to Starbucks
will occur in stages beginning with the Washington Division by Nov. 1. All other operations will be phased in
by year end 1993. Additionally, Nordstrom Catering will begin serving Starbucks later in 1993.


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