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Starbucks City Mug Vancouver Island YAH


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Qiwei   11 Jan 2016

Does anyone know if I can purchase Vancouver Island mug in Vancouver? Greatly appreciate it. =)

doogie   13 Jan 2016

I have seen them at the airport Starbucks

Arpeggios   16 Feb 2016

Recently damaged mine and looking to replace it, my hometown is on VanIsle so this was my favourite mug from my collection. Looking to swap San Diego, California, or another SoCal mug (Disneyland maybe?) to get a new one - not interested in ebay markups :(

imay   22 Feb 2016

Arpeggios, I have a brand new Vancouver Island YAH that I'd love to swap for San Diego. Please send me an email

TrishR   28 Feb 2016

I have all California mugs if you're interested. Disney has increased their price to $17 a mug so I trade 2:1 for those. Do you have any other Canada mugs? I already have Vancouver Island but I need Vancouver, Canada 2, Edmonton, and Banff.

TrishR   28 Feb 2016

I need Montreal as well.

Alexca1   13 Jul 2016

I have seen this and Whistler at YVR, the E gates. Also saw Canada and Vancouver there too.