Mug Shot — «Nantes YAH»

From Nantes, France


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Starbucks City Mug Nantes YAH

photo by lucky robles

  France, Nantes, YAH, 13 You Are Here Series

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Anya   23 May 2016

Where is it sold? Can it be found in France? Or only this city?

Alexis   24 May 2016

By the moment on my available in Nantes, hopefully soon in other stores where we usually are able to get other French mugs (Paris city or airport stores).

Alexis   24 May 2016

On my = Only

zolboj   12 Mar 2017

BE AWARE of the user "baptiste" (lefoulgb) from Rennes, France, he's not packing the trade mugs properly, it will arive broken and will not send another one, you will end up with some broken mugs!!! AVOID!!!