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Starbucks City Mug Paris YAH


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2_therink   15 Jun 2016

Is this mug out? And is anyone able to get any that i can buy from them?

Alexis   30 Jul 2016

Not yet, no idea about the date of release

tex   16 Aug 2016

any update on the release of this mug???

wanderlust girl   25 Aug 2016

I was in Paris over the weekend, went to 10 different Starbucks, and could not find this mug anywhere.

shubilinda   02 Sep 2016

Apparently it is only available at the BHV shop near Hotel de Ville metro station

guillaume94   10 Sep 2016

Since this saturday september 10th this mug is available at the 5th floor of the BHV Marais .