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Starbucks City Mug Playa del Carmen - Quinta Avenue

Playa del Carmen - originally a small fishing town, tourism to Playa del Carmen began with the passenger ferry service to Cozumel, an island across the Cozumel Channel and world famous scuba diving destination. Playa del Carmen, or just "Playa", has undergone rapid development over the past two years with many new luxury residential condominium buildings, restaurants, boutiques and entertainment venues.

Quinta Avenue - Playa del Carmen's main street, La Quinta Avenida, runs parallel to the shore and serves as a pedestrian walkway for travelers and locals. The avenue is lined with an assortment of restaurants, hotels, hostels, condominiums and bars, making it one of the best nightlife spots in the city. High class restaurants and local bars dominate the nightlife scene of La Quinta.

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  Mexico, Playa del Carmen

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mamasito   14 Jul 2016


I can trade or sell this mug...I have 4