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Warsaw is the capital and largest city of Poland. It is located on the Vistula River, roughly 260 kilometres from the Baltic Sea and 300 kilometres from the Carpathian Mountains. Its population is approx. 2,7 mln residents, making Warsaw the 7th most populous city proper in the European Union. Warsaw is a major international tourist destination and an important economic hub in Central Europe. It is also known as the "phoenix city" because it has survived many wars throughout its history. Most notably, the city had to be painstakingly rebuilt after the extensive damage it suffered from World War II, during which 80% of its buildings were destroyed. On 9 November 1940 the city was awarded Poland's highest military decoration for heroism, the Virtuti Militari, for the Siege of Warsaw (1939). Warsaw is the source for naming entities such as Warsaw Confederation, the Warsaw Pact, the Duchy of Warsaw, the Warsaw Convention, the Treaty of Warsaw, the Warsaw Uprising, the Warsaw Ghetto, and the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. The Warszawianka is widely considered the unofficial anthem of the city.
The first information of city existance come from 9th/10th century. City is a capitol of Poland since 1596 when King Sigismund III Vasa moved the capitol and his court from Krakow to Warsaw.

The Chopin Statue is a large bronze statue of Frédéric Chopin that now stands in the upper part of Warsaw's Royal Baths Park aka Łazienki Park, adjacent to Aleje Ujazdowskie. It was designed in 1907 by Wacław Szymanowski for its planned erection on the centenary of Chopin's birth in 1910, but its execution was delayed by controversy about the design, then by the outbreak of World War I. The statue was finally cast and erected in 1926. During World War II, the statue was destroyed by the occupying Germans on May 31, 1940. The original mould for the statue, which had survived the war, made it possible to cast a replica, which was placed at the original site in 1958. The stylized willow over Chopin's seated figure echoes a pianist's hand and fingers. A 1:1-scale replica of statue stands in Hamamatsu, Japan. Tourists and locals alike crowd together for the popular tradition of free public piano recitals around the statue, held each Sunday in summer.

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