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From Amsterdam, Netherlands


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Starbucks City Mug 2017 YAH Amsterdam X-mas

YAH Amsterdam X-mas 2017, available as of November 6th 2017

  YAH, Amsterdam, X-mas, Netherlands

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Ronald71   02 Nov 2017

As of today available in the Amsterdam area, train stations and SBX in city centre - good luck hunting!

apostolos1986   02 Nov 2017

thank you Ronald for the info! Do you know if the amsterdam christmas mug might be available in Utrecht?

Ronald71   06 Nov 2017


As far as I know only Amsterdam area - and Amstelveen.

apostolos1986   06 Nov 2017

Thanks Ronald!

Breenie   08 Nov 2017

I'm going to be at the Amsterdam airport on nov. 20, hopefully it will still be available. Do you happen to know the cost?

Ronald71   09 Nov 2017

I know for sure it's been sold on the landside - prices are regularly higher then in AMS center.