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verity Same as #6211 Nov 27, 2014

verity Same as #5059 Nov 27, 2014

reuie Hello, I have this mug, but it if from 2009. Do you know why there is no section for the 09 City... Nov 26, 2014

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argicgr Chie, this is very interesting. All three mugs share the 1987-1992 logo and are stamped made in... Nov 25, 2014

chie First store in Japan of Starbucks was opened in 1996 Nov 25, 2014

elle Anyone know when Cambridge mug will be available? Anyone have it for trade? Nov 24, 2014

elle Anyone knows when it will be available? Nov 24, 2014

Janny I can trade Hong Kong gold relief for gold London relief Nov 24, 2014

FredOrange is meant for anyone interested in Starbucks city mugs, other Starbucks mugs or tumblers. When we started the site in 2008 we thought there must be more people out there who collect them. It turned out that there are many thousands of collectors around the globe. And there are more every day.

You can organize your own collection on FredOrange. You can offer mugs or tumblers for trade or for sale. You can get in contact immediately with other collectors who might be interested in a mug you can offer you who have mugs you are interested in. 

FredOrange is based in Salzburg, Austria. We're not connected to the Starbucks corporation other than by being loyal regulars whenever we travel. There is no Starbucks in Salzburg yet, despite the millions of tourists walking through the nice medieval town every year. Let's see if we can change that...

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