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Starbucks City Mug 1992 Caffe Mocha Early Ad Campaign Tumbler

Made in USA. 12oz. One of five in this tumbler series. See also FO tumbler 10336, 10096,10094 and 10384.
This Caffe Mocha tumbler features the 1992 style logo as was the Caffe Americano and Caffe Latte tumblers...released the same year. The Cappuccino V1 tumbler was released a year prior and displays the 1987 logo while the V2 Cappuccino displays the 1992 logo.

Starbucks chose the Roberts Group, Portland, Ore., in 1988, for the company's early advertising. That included the "Familiarity breeds contentment" campaign, which began with transit and outdoor boards and consisted of pictures of drinks with architectural drawing lines to illustrate ingredients, later developed into brochures and point-of-purchase displays.

From 'AdAge' trade publication

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