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Starbucks City Mug Berlin YAH


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Mikey   04 May 2016

Anyone know when-ish this should be released?

uk-neil   09 May 2016

The London YAH is supposed to be released tomorrow (10 May) so this mug may well also be released tomorrow.

uk-neil   28 May 2016

Starbucks in Germany advised yesterday that there was a logistics problem but they hope to have them in stock "in a few weeks".

wanderlust girl   15 Jun 2016

Does anyone know if this mug is available yet?

2_therink   15 Jun 2016

Is this mug out yet? And is anyone able to get any that i can buy from them?

Mikey   29 Jul 2016

Been all over Potsdamer Platz and could not find any