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Starbucks City Mug Karneval - Funkenmariechen

Karneval - a variety of customs and traditions are associated with Carnival celebrations in the German-speaking countries of Germany, Switzerland and Austria. They can vary considerably from country to country, but also from one small region to another. This is reflected in the various names given to these festivities occurring before Lent. In parts of East and South Germany, as well as in Austria, the carnival is called Fasching. In Franconia and Baden-Württemberg as well as some other parts of Germany, the carnival is called Fastnacht. It is traditionally connected with farm servants or generally young men going from house to house in the villages and collecting sausages, eggs and bacon, which was consumed in a festivity on the same evening. While going from house to house they wore masks and made noise. The old tradition vanished in many places, in other places under influence of German carnival traditions it came to resemble carnival with its parades.

Funkenmariechen - is a going back to the previous vivandières traditional figure in the carnival and was initially only available in the Rhineland. The typical dress is often the outerwear inspired by uniforms from the 18th century: tricorn, wig with braids, boots, uniform with jacket and pants. A short dress with a wide, partly pleated skirt was later replaced the pants. Optionally also an additional petticoat and lacy or frilly white panties can be worn. Tanzmariechen can be found today in almost every carnival, carnival and carnival club in Germany, Austria, Belgium and Holland. They occur singly, in pairs with dance officers or often to march or polka music.

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photo by lucky robles

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mmdbxl   08 Jan 2016

Where is this mug available?

Osline   09 Jan 2016

This mug is available in the starbucks stores at the central station in cologne and dusseldorf

moscovitan   25 Aug 2016

Dear All,

Looking for this mug (none in Cologne so far obviously) - please contact me for trade.

Ratliff   27 Aug 2016

We were in the central station in Cologne early August 2016 and they had Icon mugs from about 15 different German cities, but none of these as well.

Milou   27 Aug 2016

I still have a couple for trade.

sdfgsgfg   01 Mar 2017