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Utrecht - city and municipality is the capital and most populous city of the Dutch province of Utrecht. It is located in the eastern corner of the Randstad conurbation, and is the fourth largest city of the Netherlands. Utrecht's ancient city centre features many buildings and structures from the Early Middle Ages. It has been the religious centre of the Netherlands since the eighth century. Currently it is the see of the Archbishop of Utrecht, the most important Dutch Roman Catholic leader. Utrecht is also the see of the archbishop of the Old Catholic church, titular head of the Union of Utrecht (Old Catholic), and the location of the offices of the main Protestant church. Until the Dutch Golden Age Utrecht was the city of most importance of the Netherlands until Amsterdam became its cultural and most populous centre.
Utrecht is host to Utrecht University, the largest university of the Netherlands, as well as several other institutes for higher education. Due to its central position within the country, it is an important transport hub for both rail and road transport. It has the second highest number of cultural events in the Netherlands, after Amsterdam.

Front: Oudegracht view from the Maartensbrug / vismarkt
In the Roman era and the early Middle Ages it was in Utrecht where the river “de vecht” then branched off from the main branch of the Rhine, the Rhine and the Old Rhine current curve. These rivers were navigable getting worse and therefore were gradually replaced by a system of channels whose current Oudegracht is the main part. Of the Old Canal it is suspected that these were broadly dug out around the year 1000. East of it stood the castle trecht with his lords and the water was probably then still part of a moat. West of the castle was the prosperous commercial district Stathe. As a link between the castle and the district was the Borch Bridge (Maartensbrug). On the castle side, around the year 1050, the episcopal palace and the imperial palace Lofen stood on both sides of this bridge, behind various religious buildings within the fortress.Already in the early 13th century merchants traded fish at this location at the foot of the castle and the Fish Market is the oldest market in Utrecht.

Back: view at the dom tower
The Cathedral of Utrecht is a remarkable Gothic church in the middle of this Dutch city. It was built from 1254 as the cathedral of the diocese of Utrecht and was dedicated to St. Maarten. Since 1580, the Protestant church. The 112.32 meters high Dom tower is the highest church tower in the Netherlands and the tallest building in Utrecht.(various wikipedia sites, translated and mixed up)

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