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Starbucks City Mug Washington D.C. - The Nations Capital 18 oz Mug

There are actually two variations of the Washington DC Skyline mug.
The earliest release of several mugs in the 2002 Skyline Series were designed with a large logo on the bottom and larger serif font used for the slogan inside the mug. The design was only used in the early cities of the release and was abandon for a small logo/smaller font in subsequent production. This post picture includes these variations.

  USA, Washington D.C., 02 Skyline Series, Washington

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peter   29 Jan 2014

Is it normal that the tekst inside is not written in a straight line ?

argicgr   29 Jan 2014

check your mail Peter

wildflower75   20 Oct 2015

Isn't this the same mug as #5292