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Starbucks City Mug Baguio YAH


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humbear   14 Apr 2017

Discontinuing my collection of all mugs and will offer for sale; pls send me message with any request/offer. Thanks!

Barry   15 Apr 2017

For those newer Starbucks collectors who may not know USA collector Arne (humbear)...I personally can highly recommend him as a very trustworthy collector on this site who has collected for years. Because of his decision to sell his collection...this is a good opportunity for those who seek specific mugs to possibly find what you need. Sorry to see him leave collecting.

Renee   17 Apr 2017

Thanks Arne, for helping me fill in a few of the YAH pieces that slipped through the cracks in my collection.

humbear   19 Apr 2017

Renee - you are very welcome...