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Starbucks City Mug Copenhagen YAH


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Wollahm   24 May 2016

Is this a sign that they are they going to replace the 08 series in europe? I hope not..

tex   10 Jun 2016

are these mugs out yet in copenhagen???? i will be in copenhagen next weekend.....please advise anyone.....

sparklingcat   10 Jun 2016

Hi yes they are in stores - just got an email from my friend visiting Denmark to say she'd picked one up for me :)

tex   15 Jun 2016

sparklingcat...thanks for the information....travelling to copenhagen and malmo this saturday on a business trip for 3 days....looking forward to going to the starbucks there....regards, tim

2_therink   15 Jun 2016

Is anyone able to get any that i can buy from them?

tex   19 Jun 2016

sparklingcat do u have any of These mugs for trade?

sparklingcat   20 Jun 2016

Hi Tex - sorry I don't, and my friend has left Denmark now. I am leaving for UK next week (visiting London, England/Scotland) so if you want one any from there let me know. Will be looking out for the London YAH but doesn't look like its out just yet.

tex   24 Jun 2016

just returned from copenhagen and the yah mugs at the airport are sold out....

Cali Mugger   16 Dec 2017

I really want this mug! I leave on a trip to South Africa in 2 weeks and I have a lay over at London Heathrow. If anyone has this mug for trade and would like to trade for something I can get you in South Africa or any of the U.K mugs please let me know.