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Starbucks City Mug Victoria - No Slogan 18 oz Mug

There are 2 versions of this mug. The original version had the"Beautiful British Columbia" slogan in the mug which created problems as it is trademarked by the British Columbia Provincial Government. As a result of trademark infringement, this is the second version of the Victoria Skyline mug released in the later half of 2002 and it has no slogan inside it. The second production of the Victoria Skyline mug without the slogan is also when the mug adopted the small logo/small font format. Although it is not valued to the same extent that the earlier version with the slogan is, its worth is higher than the second version of its Vancouver counterpart of this series due to its limited production throughout the Skyline Series One run.

  Canada, Victoria, 02 Skyline Series

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